We all know about internet’s powerful and useful, when the internet was created by american army in 1957 for transfer informations and now the internet has more then 2.5 billion users and the internet there is everywhere from north Pole to ours own pockets. We use the internet for all, everyday, everywhere, for fun, for relax, for chatting and looking for new friends and so important for discover knowledge.

Education by the Internet with Chromebook
Education by the Internet with Chromebook

Today in the internet has a lot of different interesting services, videos and courses about learn languages, cooking, programming… Everythings and also for self-study, would really is it or not, good way is it or not?

I think first of all it depends of the personality of people, how people prefer spend time in the internet and which opinion have about the internet in general, what is it stock for spending time without profit or yet tool for self-upgrading. Anyway majority advantage is it cheap or free and i know is it true and real, people can use the internet, spending about 3 hours in day and take more new informations, it might be information about other countries, about other professions, new gadgets, new post in the forum about critical situation in Ukraine nevermind, important is ability to extract and keep pieces from all. May be take some courses about programming software for smartphones, spending half of year and starting make a some programs or games and may be selling them in the internet,yes it can be worse way for getting work in the company and may be not, because you are no have a certificate or diploma, many modern company pay attention workers’ skill and ability as very clever.

Second of all internet can’t replace experience. Yes it is very very important in every professions, what kind of company for mining oil in the sea need worker who studied in the internet? No one, so is no all professions we can get in the internet. And it is not all bad sides, may be in a self-studies progress, you must looking for informations by yourself, it can be difficult in discipline side, when no one talking to you what you should do and no one controlling to you and give to you some program, and of course information can be wrong.

Finally way to profession actually is difficult and long. For the development of many activities do not require a higher or specialized secondary education.

It is enough to complete specific courses. But it is not uncommon for a person hobby became his profession.

So, learn some profession may well be yourself.Theory is doubtless important. But without practice you can not become a full-fledged professional. And by my experiences i fully agree with this my point.

And remember!